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A Light So Lovely: Book Review

Zondervan contacted me about reviewing a brand new book about a beloved children’s (and adult’s) author Madeline L’Engle, and I jumped at the chance. Her Wrinkle in Time series captivated my husband’s heart as a kid, and it’s captivated mine and our kids’ ever since he introduced it to us. (I remember it growing up, just didn’t read it for some reason!)

A Light So Lovely: The Spiritual Legacy of Madeline L’Engle is an in-depth character study into her background, her reasons for writing, and her spiritual journey and beliefs. It is written by a die-hard L’Engle enthusiast, a teacher who grades her class’s writing compositions on a “L’Engle-inspired curve.”

L’Engle lived in a time (and wrote in a time) when there was spiritual, and there was secular. There was not much deviation from those strict boundaries, and to attempt to create one created quite the controversy and questioning. L’Engle begged to differ when it came to this inflexibility, and it’s why her writing so beautifully combines things of God and things of nature (and some of the supernatural).

In my opinion, if God didn’t want us to be creative and imaginative, He wouldn’t have given us creativity or the mental capacity to be able to imagine.

This book details the infinite number of ways Madeline L’Engle influenced writers and authors. You’ll learn about her affection for science and her insatiable appetite for scientific news and breakthrough developments fueled her journey towards Christianity (contrary to what most may reckon would have driven one in the other direction). You’ll gain insight into her reasons behind her characters she fleshed out on the page, and get the inside, back story into not only her Wrinkle in Time trilogy but also her later books (that deal with more adult-centric themes such as an aging parent or death of a spouse….she gets raw and real and suddenly relatable with everyone with those published volumes).

I have more respect and awe for Mrs. L’Engle than I did before, and I love how this book is set up and arranged….mostly based on information gleaned by interviews from the author herself and those who most intimately knew her.

You can purchase A Light So Lovely directly from Zondervan as well as from Amazon, — most offer e-book formats, as well — or wherever books are sold near you.


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