Muse Reviews is a blog coming out of hiatus. Years ago I was a mom blogger/review blogger, and after several years of steady blogging, I decided that I had enough on my plate…so I gave up blogging for a while.

Fast-forward a few years later, and I have found that I have more time to devote to the hobby, so I am review blogging once again! Here at Muse Reviews, I will be reviewing some of our family’s favorite things — from books, to educational resources, to home items, to beauty and fashion must-haves!

I’ll be thorough, but I will be honest. After all, no one wants to buy a product based on a review that doesn’t tell it like it is, right? I believe in telling the world how great a product is if we absolutely love it….but I also hold that honest, constructive criticism is necessary in order for product designers to know how to improve their goods in the future!

If you’d like me to review your product, feel free to contact me via the contact link at the top of my page.

Have a wonderful day!



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