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Seven Amazing Stories of Rescue

From bestselling author Jim Cymbala (with Ann Spangler) comes a short, easy-to-read-in-one-afternoon book of seven true stories of miraculous rescues from dire circumstances.

The Rescue: Seven People, Seven Amazing Stories is a brand new book from Zondervan that will seek to inspire anyone who’s had a rocky past or currently undergoing trials of some kind.

In The Rescue, you’ll meet Lawrence Punter, Timiney Visser and Rich Crissali, Robin, Kaitlin Pinkleton, Alex Colon, and Dr. Toni Gines-Rivera. (Two people are listed together because their stories intertwine.) They are all friends of pastor Jim Cymbala of Brooklyn Tabernacle in New York City, and each one carries with them a unique and seemingly futile life story…at the beginning. Through their willingness to be raw and vulnerable, they share their stories one at a time and show that their stories don’t end the way they began. With each story, you’ll see in a real, fleshed-out way how God reached into people’s lives and makes beauty out of ashes, hope out of hopelessness.

This book has an introduction and a wrap-up chapter that ties the meanings of each of these stories together, but what I do like about this book is that the stories aren’t 100% wrapped up, perfect story endings. These are real people, like you and me, whose stories are still being written. Giving their lives to Christ was the catalyst that set them all on a new and hopeful path, but not every story over. The way each story ends makes them more believable and relatable, since none of our stories are ever perfectly sorted out and made perfect the instant we become Christ followers. There’s still life to live, there’s still forgiveness to seek and hand out, and there’s still some consequences for past decisions. BUT overall, the theme rings true and is woven throughout each life here — that God can take a mess and create a masterpiece. A WORKING masterpiece….one that’s constantly evolving and changing and being purified.

Jim Cymbala poses the idea that he wishes he could be sharing these stories with the reader over a cup of coffee in a living room instead of broadcasting them from printed pages, but in a way, I feel as if he somehow is. These stories feel open and honest in a very down-home way, and they are stories that stick with you long after you shut the book cover.

You can purchase The Rescue from from, or wherever Christian books are sold near you. You can also watch a handful of the stories on video on Zondervan’s website/product page.

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